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Pomegranates: The Superfood for gorgeous hair!

By Nirja Jaiswal | Food Friday

May 10
Fairfax Hair Energizer

Do you feel like your diet is missing something which is essential for your hair health?  Someone who struggled with her/his bad hair & hair loss before finally finding methods that actually work, FairFax want to share with you one of their favorite Superfood for hair.

Best things often come in small packages, and this saying is absolutely true for pomegranates. It is one fruit that comes with distinct flavors, taste and nutritional value. It is also known as ‘Anar’ in the Indian subcontinent. Who knew that something so small would be packed with extraordinary benefits? It is a popular fruit around the world, due to its rich nutritional value.

So why are pomegranates considered as SuperFood or Food for Hair? Let’s have a look at how pomegranates can work wonders for your hair.

It is a delicious fruit rich in many nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E & folic acid. These nutrients provides nourishment to hair & stimulate hair growth.


-strengthen hair follicles & weak hair;

-are good for treating frizzy hair;

-add shine and luster to your hair;

-promote hair growth & prevent hair loss;

-provide moisture to dry hair;

-prevent premature graying of hair; &

-hydrate & protect your scalp from pollutants in the environment.

Well you see, pomegranate seeds contain a special ingredient called punicic acid which is very effective in improving blood circulation in our scalp, & in making our hair strong, thick and healthy.

The amazing benefits of pomegranates have made it the go-to fruit of choice for those who prefer a natural lifestyle. The great thing about pomegranate is that it’s easily available in a nearby grocery store, all over the world.

Juicy and delicious, pomegranates are simple to eat & also offer optimal nutrition. To see the incredible benefits of pomegranates, include them in your daily diet. And tell us how this Superfood has helped you by simply leaving a comment below!

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