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Multani Mitti & Lemon Juice for Oily to Normal Hair

By Nirja Jaiswal | Hair Care Blog

May 13
FairFax Hair Energizer

This mask will help in controlling dandruff & reduce oiliness of scalp.

Hello FairFaxFans!

Hair spas & hair treatments costing you a bomb? Don’t have the time or the energy to visit the salon? Fret not. Just follow these simple instructions for some effective DIY hair care. Pamper your hair with love with these perfect homemade hair masks given by FairFax.

Hope you’ve been liking our Monday Mask series. Cos we’re here once again with the latest edition of this weekly series. As you know, every week on Monday we post about simple yet effective DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hair masks that you can easily try out at home.

Today’s DIY mask is for an Oily to Normal Scalp. The main ingredients are: Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth) & Lemon Juice. If you have an oily scalp & dandruff, look no further. This mask will help in oil control, damage repair & dandruff control. It will also help in making hair stronger & healthier.

Procedure: Take half a cup of Fuller’s earth or Multani mitti. Add the juice of one medium sized lemon to this. Add enough water to make a smooth but thick paste. Apply with your fingertips to your scalp & hair. Keep it on for 20-30 minutes & wash it off with cold/lukewarm water & a mild shampoo.

Use this mask once a week for optimum benefits. This mask: Controls dandruff | Removes excess oil & cleanses scalp.

Since your scalp is on the oily side, you should use FairFax in water as the last rinse after shampoo. This will help in controlling scalp oil. FairFax will help in maintaining the pH balance of your scalp as well, which will help in reducing dandruff.