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Don’t let sweat accumulate on your scalp!

By Nirja Jaiswal | Hair Care Blog

Aug 06
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Hey FairFaxFans,

Enjoying the lovely weather out there? Coming back to work after a long weekend can be difficult, especially if the weather outside makes you pine for a long drive in the rain.

Tuesday is here & we are here too with our weekly series: Tuesday Tips. As you know, every week on Tuesday, FairFax post a hair care tip to help you keep your hair game strong.

Monsoon means increased humidity & that can affect your hair. Sweaty scalps & frizzy hair can lead to hair fall. You tend to sweat more in humid conditions as the sweat evaporates slowly. Sweat is the body’s way of naturally cooling itself down & eliminate toxins. And even though it is a natural process, sweat can lead to hair damage.

Salt from dried sweat, can get deposited on your scalp & cause itching & dryness. Working out can increase sweating & therefore it is necessary to remove sweat from your hair by using an absorbent head band. The head band will absorb sweat & protect your hair from damage. Make sure that you use a clean, washed head band every day.

Do not keep your hair open while exercising. Instead tie it up in the form of bun or any other up-do that will help you stay cool & sweat less (check our Saturday Style posts for many versatile up-dos). Drink enough water before, during & after your workouts. Staying hydrated will help you keep cool & also reduce sweating. And after the workout, clean your hair by rinsing with plain water & conditioning (no need to shampoo everyday). Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be. Make sure you keep your hair clean. Excess sweat can weaken hair & shorten the life span of your hair.

If you have any Tuesday Tips of your own or a favorite tip/trick for avoiding excessive sweat in your hair, feel free to share with us in comments below.