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Do not let your hair get wet in the rain.

By Nirja Jaiswal | Hair Care Blog

Jun 25
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Hey FairFaxFans,

How’s everyone doing today? Tuesday is here, what does that mean? Yes, Tuesday Tip Day! So here comes the next hair care tip from FairFax from our weekly series Tuesday Tips!

Monsoon is the most loved season by almost everyone. Who doesn’t love the rains, the relief from summer heat, the romanticism of the pitter patter of drops, the hot tea with spicy pakoras on a rainy day or a nice cup of strong coffee with a book to go along. Raindrops bring a smile on everyone’s face & getting drenched may also be a part of that.

But do you know that getting your hair wet in the rain may damage your hair? Read on if you want to know how you can protect your hair during the monsoons.

Rain water is acidic (due to the atmospheric NOx, SOx and other gases) & loaded with dirt & pollutants (especially in the cities). These toxins come down with the rain & settle on your scalp/ hair. This makes your hair brittle, rough & prone to breakage. It may also cause various hair problems such as frizzy hair, hair fall, dandruff & itchy scalp. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid getting your hair wet in the rain. Control that urge of going out in the rain to enjoy a rain dance. And if you can’t resist it, then make sure that you cover your hair with a water-proof hoodie, raincoat or an umbrella.

If you are out in the rain, try to keep your hair covered. But if it still gets wet, wash your hair with a mild shampoo & condition it as soon as you’re back home. This will help in removing the toxins & atmospheric pollutants that may have got deposited on your hair with the rain. And yes, don’t forget to use FairFax (both in oil & in water after shampoo). Have a fun & hair-damage-free monsoon! If you have your own Tuesday Tips, feel free to share with us in the comments below.