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How to fix the problem of oily hair
May 28

5 Ways To Get rid of Oily Hair

By Nirja Jaiswal | Hair Care Blog , Hair Care Tips

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Oily hair can be frustration among many of you. It gives rise to problems such as itchy scalp & wet dandruff. Fear not, as there are a number of ways it can be remedied so as to have less of an impact on your life. No matter what the cause for your oily hair problem, FairFax have various Hair Tips And Tricks to help ensure it doesn’t stop you from looking and feeling great.

1. Don’t apply too much hair serum: Do not apply serums and oils too. A handy tip is to spread a drop of hair serum on the fronts and backs of your hands and then apply it, rather than just using your palms to ensure more even distribution.

2. Do not wash your hair too often: When hair gets greasy or oily quickly, our first instinct is to wash it more frequently. Washing your hair too often before it gets the chance to replenish its natural oils can damage your hair. Using more hair products makes the scalp’s sebum glands produce more oils, giving rise to a greasy scalp.

3. Don’t use too much conditioner: If you have an oily scalp, be careful of conditioners, and only apply them to the bottom sections of your hair which are the ends and mid-lengths and experiment with different textures in order to find the best kind for your hair type.

4. Always use clean hairbrush: Clean your comb/ hairbrush every week to remove any build-up and prevent it from transferring onto your hair.

5. Avoid touching your hair too much: You often play with your hair. No matter how clean you think your hands are but, doing so transfers oil, dirt from your hands to your hair. It may also steal away essential oils, leading to dry hair, hair breakage, and even cause hair loss.

Do you have any other tips? Let us know in the comments section below!

How to fix dry, damaged hair
May 21

5 Ways to fix dry, damaged hair

By Nirja Jaiswal | Hair Care Blog , Hair Care Tips

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It’s that time of the year when your hair feels drier, damaged, lack of moisture, and dull. Do you also suffer from dry, damaged hair? Here are some ways to fix it. Check out the Hair Tips And Tricks shared by FairFax that can help you to treat your damaged hair and turn it into healthy, shiny and beautiful hair again!

1. Never Curl/Straighten Wet Hair: Have you ever been so incredibly late that you decided to straighten/curl your wet hair? Please say no, because it damages your hair so badly. If your hair is not dry when using hair styling tools, it draws out the hair’s elasticity and vitamins, causing severe breakage.

2. Do not wash your hair too often: Washing your hair too often before it gets the chance to replenish its natural oils can damage your hair. Your hair can become very dry.

3. Be careful with oils: Oils have been used for hair care for centuries to treat dry, damaged hair, and your scalp also naturally produces oil.  Don’t overdo it. Oils can end up being heavy in your hair, so start with drops on the tips or damaged areas. Make sure you wash it off as it attracts dirt, dust, and pollutants and leaves your hair feeling greasy.

4. Know when to get a haircut: At the end of the day, you know when your hair is beyond repairable and when you should see your stylist get a cut. When you have split ends and a lack of moisture … it’s time for a haircut.

5. Apply conditioner the right way: Many of you, use conditioner after you wash your hair with shampoo, but you should not only focus on the damaged tips. You want to use a conditioner to prevent damage from continuing in the first place. So, start at the tip and massage slowly. Gradually work your way upwards.

Do you have any other tips? Let us know in the comments section below!

Ways to get rid of dandruff problem
May 14

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Dandruff Naturally

By Nirja Jaiswal | Hair Care Blog , Hair Care Tips

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Are you tired of your dry, irritated, and itching scalp? Or do you have trouble with dandruff? You often forget that your scalp needs care and loving treatment. Fortunately, you can easily overcome these problems. Check out the Hair Tips And Tricks shared by FairFax that can help you to banish dry, flaky scalp and bring back a healthy scalp & happy hair!

1. Switch up your diet: As we have said before, your diet is way more important to your scalp’s health. Adding biotin, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids, along with plenty of fruits and veggies can help improve your scalp’s oil production.

2. Start washing your hair more often: If you currently wash your hair only 3 times a week, try washing your hair every other day.

3. Try an Apple Cider Vinegar: ACV is more like a conditioner, use it to get rid of dandruff. Mix 1 teaspoon of ACV to two cups of water. Pour the ACV+water mixture over your scalp and hair. Massage it into your scalp. Shampoo your hair and rinse carefully.

4. Don’t scratch your scalp: Scratching your dandruff causes your scalp to feel itchy. Instead of using your sharp nails to scratch and irritate your scalp, try gently tapping your scalp with the palm of your hand to relieve the itching sensation without irritation.

5. Change your hair care products: If your current hair care routine is making your scalp unhappy, it’s time to switch things up. A good shampoo and conditioner pair should nourish, protect, and moisturize your hair and scalp without creating more dandruff or causing irritation.

Summer Hair Care
May 07

Summer Hair Care Tips To Make Your Hair Summer Ready

By Nirja Jaiswal | Hair Care Blog , Hair Care Tips

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Summer is usually about vacations, pools, beaches, shopping, ice creams, cool fizzy drinks, golas, and many more! But not this time as you all are very well aware of COVID_19. Now, let’s talk about hair! Though you are not stepping out and exposing your hair to the hot sun as much as past summers, the weather condition still does affect your hair! But thanks to the quarantine, you can indulge in some self-care & hair love this summer! Check out the summer Hair Tips And Tricks given by FairFax that will help you to be ready to step out with great hair when the lockdown ends!

1. Oil, Wash & Condition:  The most basic hair care mantra is oiling-shampooing-conditioning, you should be doing it more frequently than in any other season, to ensure good hair health this season. This is much needed to nourish and moisturise your hair.

2. Avoid styling: Stay away from styling as much as possible this season. Go with natural hairstyles.

3. Time for a mask: Your hair needs deep conditioning in summer. Now with the additional time at home, thanks to the lockdown, you can very well pamper your hair with that hair mask! Hair masks made of ingredients like Multani mitti, Amla, Brahmi, and Shikakai can give your hair the much needed cooling effect!

4. Maintain a well-balanced diet: your hair is what you eat. Balanced meals packed with the right mix of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, fruits and vegetables rich in water content is much needed to retain the health of hair in summers.

5. Cover Up if you step out: If you step out, make sure that your head is covered with a scarf or a cap. It could be a simple head wrap with cotton fabric tied loosely lets the air pass through the scalp and not make your hair dry due to the hot breeze.

6. Water for hair: During summers, you tend to lose too many minerals through sweat and this causes dehydration and make your hair dry and lifeless. A minimum of 3-4 litres of water is a must, for your body and hair to remain hydrated and full of moisture.

Ways to get beauitiful, thick hair
Apr 30

5 Ways To Get Thick and Beautiful Hair

By Nirja Jaiswal | Hair Care Blog , Hair Care Tips

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You all want the answer to that question: How to make your hair thicker? Well, nothing to worry, we are here to help! Kick back, relax, and take a look at Hair Tips And Tricks, FairFax is going to share today on how to make thin hair thicker and achieve shiny, gorgeously thick, beautiful hair you’ve been dreaming of. Let’s check them out!

1. Wash your hair wisely:  Hair’s precious natural oils and proteins that protect the scalp are stripped away whenever you wash your hair. Try to limit your cleansing to 2-3 times a week, and make sure to use the right products having ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, Keratin, Salicylic acid, Pro vitamin B5 that restore the condition of both your scalp and hair.

2. Switch up your parting: Simply flipping your hair over to the opposite side from where it usually sits will give an instant volume boost.

3. Stay away from harsh hair dye: It can be fun and exciting to color your hair, but bleach and other chemicals can cause serious damage to your hair. Avoid using these harsh chemicals on your hair. If you really want to change your hair color, opt for natural means & semi-permanent hair dyes which can be less damaging.

4. Go for a homemade hair mask, once in a week: Your hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Keratin is also found in eggs, which is excellent for strengthening your hair. Mix 1 eggs with 1 tablespoon of fresh aloe vera gel. Apply it on your hair and keep it for 10-15 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. Or you can also use Fenugreek (Methi) seeds.

Soak 2 tablespoons of the seeds in water for 8-10 hours, then blend it to create a thick paste. Apply the paste to your hair. Keep it for 30 minutes, then rinse it with cold water.

5. Boost your nutrition: Foods that are high in protein, vitamins B, C, D and E, omega 3, fatty acids, iron zinc, and biotin are going to be your hair saviors. Include more superfoods in your diets such as eggs, carrots, spinach, avocados, oats, nuts, and dark chocolates that will help make your hair thicker, healthier & stronge