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Boost your water intake for healthy, strong & shiny hair!

By Nirja Jaiswal | Hair Care Blog

May 07
Hair Care Tips

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Did you know that proper hydration is essential not only for the overall health of your body but also for hair health in particular? We know that water makes up a major part of our body, but how does it affect our hair?

When your body is dehydrated, it functions less efficiently, and that can stall your hair growth & affect hair health.

If your hair has undergone chemical or heat treatments (rebonding/ straightening/ curling etc.), it is especially important to pay attention to hydration.

Hair that is subjected to chemicals or heat is likely to lose moisture faster, becoming dry, dull & damaged in the process. When hair lacks hydration, it may become thin, prone to breakage & could stop growing.

Drinking more water will help in…

– preventing hair loss;
– restoring hair moisture & natural shine;
– faster hair growth;
– reducing hair related issues such as breakage, hair fall &
– making hair stronger, healthier & shinier.

Increasing your water intake nurtures your body, keeps your scalp & hair healthy, & protects your hair from various environmental stresses! Staying hydrated can also improve our mood as drinking water can make us feel refreshed. So for a happier state of mind, drink away!

Hydration can also be achieved through drinks such as butter milk, fresh fruit/ juices, lemonades, milk/ tea/ coffee etc.

So what are the drinks & foods that help you stay cool during this hot summer? Comment below.

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