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Avoid tying your tight, it may lead to hair fall.

By Nirja Jaiswal | Hair Care Blog

Jun 18
FairFax Hair Energizer- Avoid tying your hair tight

Hey FairFax Readers,

How’s everyone doing today? We hope you are all having a wonderful week so far. Tuesday is here, and FairFax are here too with the next hair care tip in our weekly series Tuesday Tips!

Now a days, everyone tries to look picture-perfect all the time. For most of us, summer means more braids, buns and ponytails to keep hair frizz-free & also to keep our cool. But did you know wearing a tight ponytail, especially for a long time can irritate your scalp & cause hair fall?

Yes, it’s true. Avoid using a super tight hair tie; because this can exert a lot of pressure on your hair that can cause hair to break. It may also irritate your scalp or cause headaches.

So literally, let your hair down once in a while (every other day if you can) so that your hair can get some relaxation. You can wear headbands so your hairs will not fall on to your face if that is an irritant. Instead of using rubber/ plastic or elastic bands, use the one made out of breathable fabric.

You can also give your hair a break with different styles. Try looser hair styles that will put little to no stress on your hair. Also, switch your ponytail from high to low & back, to avoid hair breakage.

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