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Add protein, vitamin & iron rich foods to your daily diet

By Nirja Jaiswal | Hair Care Blog

Jul 23
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Hey FairFaxFans,

After the blazing heat of summer when the sky finally opens up, the excitement of rain can make anyone go crazy. The rainy season brings relief, freshness & beauty to the surroundings but it can harm your hair – so be wary of getting drenched in the rain.

Tuesday is here & FairFax are here as well, with our weekly series: Tuesday Tip.

Hair problems become more common during the monsoons. Acid rain, dirty rainwater, increased levels of humidity are some of the seasonal factors that affect your hair & scalp. This monsoon, give your hair some extra nourishment. Read on to know how to get rid of hair problems without compromising on the monsoon fun.

You can eat your way to fuller, stronger & healthier hair. Just ensure that you pack your diet with nutritious superfoods. A healthy diet can help your hair retain their strength, shine, volume & bounce. What you eat plays an important role in hair health, therefore add protein, vitamin & iron rich foods to your daily diet. Iron, protein & vitamins help you to revitalize hair & repair damage. Eggs, walnuts, spinach, kidney beans, fish, seasonal fruits, green leafy vegetables, cereals, coconut water, curd & foods packed with proteins, Vitamins, zinc and iron should be included in your diet. Give your hair the nourishment boost from within to cope with the weather.

If you would like to suggest some tried & tested #TuesdayTips of your own, feel free to share with us in the comments below. Happy Monsoons!