Fairfax - Secret Swiss Formula for Hair | Stop hair loss | Protect hair from damage | Prevent balding | Grow thick & long

Secret Swiss Hair Formula Now In India


STOP Hair Loss | PROTECT Hair from Damage | GROW Thick & Long


Reduce Visible Hair Fall by upto 90% in just 7 applications. Try our 7 Wash Challenge!

Protect Hair from Damage caused by Pollution, UV rays, Dyes & Heat Treatments.

Provide Nourishment to Scalp, Hair Follicles & Roots. Grow Hair Thicker & Longer.

What makes FairFax Special?

FairFax is an Ancient Secret Swiss Formula given by a benevolent Fairy to Rapunzel!

The FairFax Promise

Pure Herbs from the Swiss Alps

Made in Switzerland

No Preservatives, Fillers, Gels, Foams or Harmful Chemicals

Not Tested on Animals

No Lead, Mercury, Arsenic or Cadmium

No Parabens, Sulfates, Pthallates or such Nonsense

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Hair Strands Rescued

Ecstatic Customers

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Smiles Restored

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Hair Warriors

We are Hair Warriors! We are waging a war against Hair Loss, Hair Thinning & Balding on behalf of Persecuted Humans. Our Mission is to save Hair, One Strand at a Time. We are Team FairFax, from the Macrobiotic Herbals Army. Our garrison is in New Delhi, but we will send reinforcements all across India, wherever Hair is in Danger.

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